Tailored Risk Profile

Tailored Risk profile

An organization has to indentify and protect the information resources and also has to deal with cyber threats depending upon the line of business in which it operates and the data it possesses and stores.

A generic cyber security assessment will predictably not work to address the risk to the organization. A cyber security assessment has understood the differences between the lines of business.

To deal with the characteristics of each line of business and to provide the most value, our approach includes tailoring the approach over the vulnerability management and risk to be focused on the specific higher risk information resource.

Tailoring consists of the following stages



  • Understanding of the characteristics of the organization and of the environment to be assessed.
  • Define the scope of the environment to be assessed


Business impact assessment:

  • Assess potential impact on the organization should information assets be compromised.


Risk Profile:

  • Prioritize all the risks and threats that are relevant to the organization infrastructure to be assessed
  • Identify the possible ways that the utmost priority threats could evidently cause harm to the environment being assessed

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