Avalance In NewsConsidering our growth story and the niche area of operation, we get a lot of global press coverage.

Security of Indian Govt Sites Improved in Narendra Modi’s Tenure: Avalance CEO

According to Manan Shah, whose company Avalance provides solutions to the Ministry of Defence among others, many official websites received an overhaul since 2014....

Avalance Global Solutions to provide cyber security for Vadodara smart city project

Infosec firm Avalance Global Solutions has won a contract to provide cyber security services for Vadodara smart city project. The five year old firm has won the contract against the likes Deloite, Mahindra Defence, ncode among other players....

Raj Kundra promoted Viaan Industries partners with Indian cyber security whizkid Manan Shah

Serial entrepreneur Raj Kundra has partnered with Mumbai based premier cyber security firm, Avalance Tech. This partnership will further scale Avalance's work in the field of anti-piracy and data security...

Cyber-security firms help Bollywood production houses combat piracy

Big-budget movies and production houses have increased spending on anti-piracy measures, working with cyber-security firms to curb loss of revenue from illegal copying of their works. Another primary reason for curbing piracy is to enable Bollywood production houses to sign exclusive with streaming services including Netflix and Amazon after a movie finishes its run in multiplexes and theatres.

BJP Website Down For 4 Days, Expert Says "Seems Even The Backup Is Gone"

"Looks like BJP is redesigning the whole website as not only the data base but the entire backup is also gone -- only if the daily backups were being done in the first place -- hence it is taking so long for them to up the website again," Manan Shah, Founder and CEO, Avalance Global Solutions, told IANS.
"Normally, the security audit in case of hacking or some sort of transgression takes two-three hours and portal is normally up within a day. This looks like serious hacking as it has wiped out everything from static and dynamic content," Mr Shah added.

IndianOil denies Aadhaar data leak claims by French researcher

"The data which is been collected by all the government or non-government organisation can be misused in many ways. So it is wise to educate ourselves and others about the loss one can face," Manan Shah, Founder and CEO, Avalance Global Solutions, told IANS in a statement.

The Silent War: when cyber security companies get hacked

On a cold winter night in December 2015, Manan Shah, founder of Vadodara based cyber security firm Avalance Global Solutions, woke up to an alarming text message from a prospective customer. “Your competition says you can be hacked. Why should we use your services?”

Ransomware 'WannaCry' fails to unnerve guarded India

A cybersecurity expert told ETthat a state-run IP network was also impacted. “Many law enforcement agencies, government institutions, private organisations and mostly the manufacturing companies have been badly hit here,” says Manan Shah, CEO of Avalance Global Solutions, a cybersecurity solutions company.

If data is the new oil, how much does an Indian citizen lose?

“Lots of apps have no revenue generation. Their only benefit is data,” says Manan Shah, founder and CEO of Avalance Global Solutions, a cyber security firm. In fact, he says, apps like WhatsApp are the obvious suspects while the smaller ones, like the bhajan one, slip under the radar..

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