Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Today the internet is completely depended on humans for information. Approximately 50 petabytes of data in the cyber space were captured by humans by taking a digital picture or scanning a bar code. Data moving around the IoT will have information personal or professional in the cyberspace though the challenge is securing this data.

There are different ways a cyber criminal can access data on a connected device. The three main "hack" points are the device, the IT infrastructure or the network.

There are three ways for securing an IoT device and making sure that the information is secure. Avalance protects the device from all the aspects which is design, manufacture, through it entire life cycle and guarding the data against the cyber attack.

Securing the Device

  • There are billions of devices used and are connected with the cyber space which eventually increases the use of software and the data in the enterprise assets and consumer gadgets. This opens a new attack point for the malicious attacker. Avalance embedded software solutions for Consumer Electronics and M2M help the OEM's and Mobile network operators to overcome these challenges including theft due to unsecured environment in which these devices operate.

Securing the Cloud

  • The more incidents of threat come from cloud environment that these smart devices are connected. An Avalance solution for data encryption and cloud security provides a comprehensive portfolio for enterprises and network service providers to secure their assets. Our cloud based solutions helps companies leverage the full potential of the IT infrastructure, making sure their intellectual property is secures.

Security Lifecycle Management

  • Managing the security lifecycle of mechanism across the device and cloud spectrum is a critical element for a robust and long-term digital security strategy. Adding new devices, expired or non working device decommissioning, device integration with a new cloud ecosystem or vice versa, managing secure firmware/software downloads - all these activities necessitate complete management of identities, keys and tokens. Avalance provides solutions to build a sustainable security lifecycle management infrastructure with capabilities which includes: identity & access management, crypto management, software monetization and secure element & tokenization management.

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