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How secure is the IT infrastructure? As the country steps ahead to digitization post demonetization.

As India is moving towards digitization, the biggest question which arises is about the security of IT infrastructure. After the demonetization the government is promoting to go cashless and accept the digitization. There are more than 3 million debit cards of some banks are been breached due to hacking. Banks and other financial institutions are also on the cyber risk with the surge of digitization –says Manan Shah CEO and Co-founder, Avalance Global Solutions.

Now the next extortion call will not be from kidnappers but it will be from Hackers.

Today when the globe is moving forward to digitization there are many aspects still which are either not bothered about or it is over looked. Apart from the physical safety the second important thing is having yourself safe on the virtual world. The virtual safety is becoming a serious concern. We dont give a single thought before saving the personal or professional information which can be very important and crucial, that it can lead to a potential loss to an individual or business. In 2015, two Indian business tycoons paid more than $5 million each to keep such information as a secret and from going to public.

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