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Ransomware: More than 120 PCs on GoG network infected

Vadodara-based computer security expert Manan Shah said he received calls from around 15 firms. "These include two call centres, one hospital and four private companies that are either based in Vadodara or have local operations," he said. Shah said the threat may not be over yet. "WannaCry 2.0 has already arrived. The kill switch developed by security researchers has just slowed down the infection rate," he said.....


Ransomware 'WannaCry' fails to unnerve guarded India

Acybersecurity expert told ETthat a state-run IP network was also impacted. “Many law enforcement agencies, government institutions, private organisations and mostly the manufacturing companies have been badly hit here,” says Manan Shah, CEO of Avalance Global Solutions, a cybersecurity solutions company....


WannaCry: What You Need to Know About Global Ransomware Attack

"Many law enforcement agencies, government institutions, private organizations and mostly the manufacturing companies have been badly hit here", says Manan Shah, CEO of Avalance Global Solutions, a cybersecurity solutions company...


दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा रैंजमवेयर अटैक, खतरा टला नहीं है, ऐसे बचाएं खुद को

Windows की खामियों से निकला है यह रैंजवेयर. रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक एनएसए ने एक हैकिंग टूल बनाया था जिसे कुछ हैकर्स ने लीक कर दिया जिसे शैडो हैकर्स के नाम से जाना जाता है. हमने भारत के एक एथिकल हैकर मनन शाह से इस मामले पर बातचीत की है. इस दौरान उन्होंने ये बताया है....


WannaCry ransomware: Despite govt denials, experts say that India is the third largest source of attacks

A report in The Economic Times suggests that the number of infected computers in India exceeds 45,000. The same report points to a number of Indian companies and individuals that have been impacted by the malware. Manan Shah of Avalance Global Solutions told ET that manufacturing companies have been badly hit....


Indian companies WannaCry over Bitcoin payments too

"Fourteen clients have reached out to me in the last three-and-half days and none of them are ready to pay up in bitcoins for the ransomware attack,“ said Manan Shah, chief executive of cyber-security provider Avalance Global Solutions. “They do not feel a bitcoin is a legitimate mode of payment."...


Avalance: Creating Secure Business Environment through Cutting-edge Security Solutions

Cyber security has become a board room concern today. With 2016 experiencing a number of high profile cyber security breaches such as Talk Talk, Tesco Bank, US Democratic Party and the latest Twitter account hacks of INC and its Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, it has become the top of the mind issue for everyone who is wary...


The Next Extortion Call Will Not Be From Kidnappers, But From Hackers

Today when the world is moving forward towards digitisation, there are still many aspects about which we either don’t care or they are overlooked. Apart from physical safety, the second important thing is keeping safe in the virtual world. Virtual safety is becoming a serious concern. We don’t give a single thought before saving personal or professional information which can be very important and crucial...


Don’t do the work that will make you proud, do the work that will make your parents proud

Manan Shah is an independent computer security consultant and one of the state’s pioneer cyber crimeinvestigator. Hehas not only assisted in solving complex cyber crime cases, but have also played an instrumental role in creating awareness about information security and cyber crimes..


Avalance Provide Solution to Fight against Cyber Attacks

Manan Shah, aged 22 a young and dynamic entrepreneur, an internationally recognized Ethical Hacker, a Cyber crime consultant and investigator and a CEO and co-founder of Avalance Global Solutions Pvt ltd.


Avalance Security, Unique Cyber Security Company

Avalance Security cyber security firm, based out of vadodara, India is in the business of securing data and critical information for corporates and government bodies.The company also provides training and development through workshops


Manan Shah, CEO Of Avalance, Is Changing The Way Of Marketing “PULZ”

Manan Shah, CEO and co-Founder of Avalance, established his start-up two years ago, and for him, the sky is the limit.


School students face cyber stalking threat says Manan Shah

A recent survey has found that one out of two school-going children were victims of cyber stalking in the country. The survey — by Uninor


Avalance CEO entailed in the Hall of Fame by Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Mr. Manan Shah is the youngest cyber security expert : entailed in hall of fame by Google, Facebook and PayPal


Hackers Lock Mobiles by sending virus through APK

In an era of technology, mobile is the most important part of everyone's' life. Its not an only medium for talks but now its a channel to chitchat with foreign friends through social media and apart from this, its status quo and business growth hacker.


Continuing cybersecurity education critical as hackers hone their skills : Avalance Tech

Dive Brief:

India’s Leading Cyber security company Avalance Global Solutions recently introduced Avalance Tech, a continuing education program for cyber security professionals.


India Has Been Victimized Of More Than 50,332 Cyber Security Incidents In 2016

Cyber security incidents like -Phishing, Web intrusion, Virus and Trojan, Ransomeware, Spoofing and more were witnessed in the country in the year 2016.

These attacks included many political and High profile..

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